Music Is Life!


As this picture animation is telling you Music is basically my life! I alway’s have an earbud in my ear or have some sort of music either playing from speakers or because a song is stuck in my head! If I had to write a list of all my favorite songs, well that list would go on forever.

My favourite singer of all time is Jason Derulo!  His real name is Jason Joel DesrouleauxHe has been my favourite singer ever since grade 4. Here is a picture of him! he was born on the 21st of September. Which is close to my birthday! He is 21 years old. He’s main town is Beluga Heights in America. His self-titled album sold 850,000 copies worldwide, spawned three Top Ten hits, and landed him the 2011 BMI “Songwriter of the Year” award.

 Another one of my favourite singers would have to be Mr. Worldwide A.K.A Pitbull! He is a massive gun at singing and makes every song in the world sound awesome! His real name is actually Armando Christian Pérez. He was born January 15. He is also the host of his own Spanish-language program on the cable channel Mun2 titled La Esquina (Spanish for The Corner). He was born in Miami, Florida, United States. Here is a picture of him!


Pictures made out of text!

Here are some of my favourite pictures made entirely out of text





………………. //\\\ 
……………… // . . \\ 
……………. // \_-_/ \\ 
……………. \ /`’–‘`\ / 
……………. /_|-?-|_\ 
…………….. \\___// 
……………… /\)—(/\ 
……………. /______\ 
….;@@@;…..|_|_|……… ;@@@;………;@@@;… 




.`·.¸.·´ ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸¸.·¨ `*~*~*
║{*}║♥♫If you love music!♫
╚══╝♫ Pump Up The Volυme!!! ♫


 Hope you liked them!
~Amy M








Digital Dossier

The video called ‘Digital Dossier’ was about you and your personal information being collected digitally on the internet and other digital devices. Ever since you were born your personal information is spread. An example is when you are born, your parent’s send out text messages out to all there family and friends that you were born. It can be harmful to you because others could spread rumors about things you have written but had been swapped around to sound like a complete different story. You can be careful about what you put up on the internet by having minimum details like not using you full name or real name on social networking sites, complex passwords and change it regularly. and limit photo’s and tags.
By Amy M

Creative pictures

I used a few website’s to create some creative pictures.

I used a website called odosketch to create a computer designed painting of a beach and a bowl of fruit.

Here they are!

I also created a picture on colour in motion

Lastly I created a sand picture on this is sand

The website that I brought my creations to life are all on this one website!



 he type of work I would love to do when I leave school would have to be ether an architect or a art teacher. They both include art that I love. 
 Work isn’t always enjoyable but it depends on how you act towards what you have to do.  I find if your committed to something time goes by quick and it becomes more enjoyable, but if you don’t really commit to the job put in front of you you think mentally then you think why are you here and get more tired out by the day. That is exactly like school work, you think it is boring but if your committed to the work you will fly through it easily.
My dream job would be teaching art to primary school children because you can never really stop creating new things and there are many styles and techniques to choose from to teach so you can never get bored of what you choose to do.
You don’t have to be paid for some jobs like if your at home and you have a job of cleaning the dishes as an example, you might just do it to help someone out. But when you work for someone in your town or city, maybe after a certain time slot of working for them then yes you do get paid.
There is not really much difference in work from school and work after school because you are still learning by the day. But in school you don’t get paid to learn you pay for the education. 
 Here’s a poll about Jobs:

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