Challenge 1: How To Play Netball

Basic Rules of Netball

The aim of a game of netball is to score goals by throwing the ball through a ring, located in the opposition’s goal circle. Goals are only scored if the ball is thrown from within the circle. The team with the highest number of goals at the end of the game is the winner.

The ball moves from player to player through passing. Players are not allowed more than 1.5 steps while carrying the ball, and cannot hold it for more than three seconds at any time. Players have designated areas on the court which they cannot move out of. Defenscive players cannot obstruct the opposition player with the ball – the must be more than one metre away.

The court is divided into thirds, with players allowed to only move within one or two thirds sections of the court, except the centre who can enter all thirds.

There are seven players on each team, and each must wear a “bib” showing one of the abbreviations for their playing position. The playing positions and abbreviations are:

  • Goal Shooter (GS) 
  • Goal Keeper (GK) 
  • Goal Attack (GA) 
  • Goal Defence (GD) 
  • Wing Attack (WA) 
  • Wing Defence (WD) 
  • Centre (C)

The game is divided into quarters of 15 minutes duration. At the start of each quarter and after a goal is scored, play restarts from the centre of the court with a ‘centre pass’. The possession of the ball for the centre pass alternates between the teams, regardless of which team scored the last goal.

No substitutions are allowed during play, except for injury and after each break.

– Amy M

Challenge form Student Blogging Challenge.

Survey Audit

In this whole experience of creating my first blog in March 2012 I had: 
  • created 39 post including this post! 14 of those post were my own post, 3 were school projects and 25 were from the student challenge!
  • I received 33 comments but all my comments I collected totaled to 51 comments! 4 were from my class, 1 was from a teacher, 28 comments were from overseas viewers and the rest were my replies.
  • The most commented post out of all my post’s was my avatar post with 8 comments! I have no idea how that post got that many comments but everyone must like my blog avatar a lot! 
  • I really liked all the creative challenges and making different creative things for my posts!
  • I did change my blog theme and figured out that this one theme that I have now is the best theme! I have 28 widgets but it doesn’t really look like that much. I love to keep adding more widgets to my blog!
  • I have 6 overseas blogs on my blog roll. The reason why I chose to put there blog’s on my blog roll was because they were the most interesting and creative that I’ve seen so far!

           ~By Amy Meka

          a.k.a MEK4LIFE!  



The Blogging Challenge Game!

I visited Riley’s blog and commented on his post called My personality of being creative. Riley always has something new on his page and it is always something interesting to read. I then visited Lol’s Blog from Riley’s blog roll and I reckon she is a real contender to win the student blogging challenge!
I also visited Sophia’s blog and commented on the post about music. Sophia is another very creative person! we share the same similarities’ like music, art and also the same background, Albanian! Next thing I knew when I saw Sophia’s blog roll I saw her cousin’s link and found out her cousin Ava is basically another Sophia! everything about Ava’s blog was almost alike her cousin’s!
Lastly I visited Matt K’s blog and commented on his post about My Creativity!  Matt always has something new on his page and he also give’s plenty of ideas for my blog like creating a wordle for my blog and many more! The down side for Matt’s blog is that he doesn’t have a blog roll so I couldn’t see any of the blogs that he liked. 🙁 Oh well!
~Amy M
a.k.a MEK4LIFE!
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Laziness at school

This picture tell’s us how much time an average worker works in their work place which is 3 hours per 8 hour work day. If you compare that to an average kid in school the kids are waisting 2 hours of there learning in a 6 hour time slot including breaks (recess, lunch), which i have to admit is pretty poor. It also says on the picture that it was not including lunch or a scheduled break time so practically us kids at school are mucking around at recess and lunch but still not focusing on work during class. I know Myself  that I am a goody goody that does all her work type of girl but I also do know I do waste time talking to friends while I work, but some people must think that school is not that entertaining enough so they decide to wag which I think is wrong because their parent pay money to learn not to muck around and not do school work.

Volunteer Work

I would love to volunteer for charities like the cancer council because two of my relatives have been through cancer themselves. I would love to help them raise money for them. My uncle is going through prostate cancer right now. The first time I saw him was a week ago when he just had an operation. He still has blood clots in his leg but he is getting through it. My aunty had breast cancer. She has now got swelling in her arm but the cancer has gone which is the great thing. That why I would love to volunteer to raise money  for the cancer council because I know what people with cancer are going through.

The story of this image

  “Oh my god hurry up otherwise will miss some cool as waves!” Cameron yelled to his friend Jason as they ran down the mountain of sand towards the beach. “Coming, coming!” Jason yells back at him. As Jason ran down the sand he realized he still had his shoes on. As fast as he could he untied his laces and threw his shoes in the air as he headed for the surf after Cameron. When they came back from the awesome waves mother nature threw at them Jason realized his shoes were nowhere in sight. “Where’s my shoes?” Jason yelled to Cameron as the went to sit down on the sand to rest. “How would I know I was in the water before you.” While the boys searched a life saver walked past. Jason asked him if he saw and shoes fly past him. ” You mean those shoes?” The life saver responded as he pointed to a fence. “Yes there the ones, thanks a lot.” Jason thanked him. “No problem mate.” The life saver answered. Jason then ran over to the fence and saw one of his shoes caught in the fence and one on the ground. “Oi, Cameron come check this out!” Jason shouted to his mate. “Take a picture of it!” Cameron chuckled as he saw the shoe just hanging there. “I guess the shoe was just hanging around till I came back for it.” Jason joked.
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Images tell a story


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