Update on Works

I have been so so busy throughout this past few months.

This is what I’ve been up to in that time.

I’ve found a real passion for digital artworks.

if you want to see more of my works, follow my art account on Instagram @amymeka_art

-Amy M

New Drawings

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted in ages!

But this is what you have missed while I was gone:

 I have been working on a few more projects for my friends and family. These are how they turned out:

Hope You Like Them!

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Latest Artwork

The latest artwork I have created for my bedroom is this picture of a girl:

The painting is about a girl that doesn’t know what to think of her life, She’s lost in her own thoughts.

Tell me what you think? Do you think the same thing when you look at this picture?

I’d love to hear from you! 

-Amy M

Your Say!

I have know idea what to post at all & I really love having a heap of comments from the general public, so I have decided to let you guys have your say on what I should post next!

I mainly post either art, puzzles or challenges on here but I want a bit of a change so I am leading up to my readers to decide.

Please comment what ideas you would think are great for this blog! I would really appreciate it!

-Amy M

The Creator of the Creative Mind!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season!

I am loving the new year so far and I hope everyone else is too! I am going to get braces very soon in the holidays but I will enjoy the rest of the holidays without them! So far I have gone to Rye & Geelong’s Adventure Park. That was so much fun. I also had my cousins 21st birthday. But most of the time I’m just chilling with all my family and friends!

In Australia we have 3 more weeks of holidays left and I am going to enjoy them while they last. I know I am only in year nine this year but my new years resolution is to follow my path to architecture and interior designing. I love the way with architecture that you can design and create your own home and interior designing just puts me in my creative perspective with choosing and decorating homes.

My other new years resolution is to be myself and no one else, and if anyone gets in the way of that, well thats the last thing they will ever do to me because I won’t bother with them again! I had been bullied since grade 3 and last year I had a break from all that (thank gosh) and just had fun with friends. I just hope 2013 will be the same.

What are your new years resolutions?

-Amy M

P.S: Have fun in the year 2013 without the worry of the world ending!

This Past Year…

This year I think was one of my best years yet! I have had many different memories, met many people, made new friends, No Bullying and also had a great time putting together my blog! So I’m now going to tell you the best highlights of this year!


Term 1-

Term one started like it usually does. You meet the new year 7’s coming into our home groups and start classes. The year 7’s this year came from my primary school, so I didn’t really need to have an introduction to them.

We head off to our first class to find out that no one in our class practically new each other! Soon enough though we started to get along with each other (mainly thanks to Personal Learning classes) and meet new people.

Walking into the IT class, I had no idea what to expect! Once I heard the word blog I had no idea what we were going to produce or use. Once I got started we all made our first page on about ourselves. After the term was done no one really wanted to continue the blog, but I held on and achieved so much with it.

Cooking was another elective and wow were the boys bad! One of the boys tried making custard and ended up making a whole big spitball. Cooking was fun always but when it came to theory no one even done it and we all were staying back to finish it.


Term 2-

Term two was basically comedy term. We had made so many fun memories in that term that most are going to stay with me forever. Cooking was the same but we started using iPod touches in IT instead of the blog.

Personal learning we started the Mind Up Program. It was all about the human body and brain and how to control ourselves in different situations. It was a very interesting topic. We also started some learning styles. The main learning styles I worked on were either Art, Music, Logic or Body. Body was mainly dancing, thats why I chose that topic. Recording Funny moments in PL was a bonus. I kept all of us entertained but at the same time learning new thing about each other. Performance Tasks was made up of groups that had to produce research and knowledge on a particular topic. (Term 2 was Olympics and Term 4 was Survivors)

I also joined the Alice Production. It was so fun and I learned so many different acting techniques it it as well. Like with anything else I do in school I meet new people. Learn different thing and with the production, it opened me up a lot more. I played three parts (all small but very important) Father William, a Lobster and a Jury Member.

Sport was so much fun. The main sport we done was Gymnastics. I learned how to do a commando roll, a flip off a mini tramp onto a mattress, summersaults, cartwheels and climb ropes. Toward the end we had to get into groups of four to five and make a routine to show the whole class. Our routine was made up of 5 main stages: summersaults and cartwheels, doing tricks off the mini tramp onto the mattress, swinging on ropes, dancing and finally a human pyramid. All was going well until someone moved a prop and we forgot most of our routine. We ended up leaving out the pyramid and the ropes but it still looked alright.


Term 3-

Science we went down to the river for a program called ‘reach out to your river’. At some points I was thinking why did they choose this but after a few weeks it became very interesting. I learned a lot about the environment and how they treated water before they send it off to our homes.

We started Art and AUSLAN (Sign Language) for our elective this term. Art, well same as usual but AUSLAN was a bit of a challenge at first because of a 4 term brake since I last was taught it. We always had fun with our teacher. We mainly played different deaf games or learned about deaf culture during the subject.

Netball was a sport I have participated in since grade 2 and this year was no different. I was in Division 1 with my cousin and a few other girls I knew. Nothing bad ever happened with injuries besides the odd tumble, along side with my wrist bubbling up, with a few rolled ankles and in the end a knee ligament stretching on the back of my knee which caused me to be on crutches for a week and wasn’t able to play our last game, but over all of that it was fun! I was mainly in GK (Goal Keeper) for the season, but soon became a GS (Goal Shooter) when our shooters had injuries. We never won any of our games but at least we had a good time.

Umpiring for netball was another challenge. I have now gone for my C badge which is the next level from the Yellow Card (Beginners Level). During next year sometime I will be getting my C badge but until then I’ll have to stick with the job I have which is challenging but exiting at the same time.


Term 4-

Maths all year long was average for me. Getting over 90% every test as well as being to verse each other in Mathletics. I have learned so much more in maths this year than any other year thanks to our maths teacher. He has been a massive boost with my learning capabilities during this year and I thank him for that. I also loved to play motto. Motto is bingo but instead of calling out a number we call out a timetable question and the answer you will find on the 4×4 table.

English this term was mainly group work. Our group worked on the Himalayas Mountain Range. We had to produce a book with research, story & some choice activities. Here is our book:Himalayas Book 8E English 2012

We also created a website to go along with the research called Himalayas 8E English.

Awards year. Thats what I decided to call 2012. Every term this year I had been given the best female in the class award. By The end of the term we finished our Mind Up Program and everyone got a certificate. I was also in the top ten percent in our year level for our grades. I went to an awards ceremony and ended up getting more than I thought I would. I was awarded a distinction for being in the top ten percent and received the Female Personal Learning award. In the end of the year I now have 9 certificates (11 including netball) and a Personal Learning medal and a netball trophy. On top of all that I was nominated for the best student blog award for 2012 and made it to the short list!

Thanks to everyone who made this year so special to me! I can’t wait to see what next year will bring. For now I am going to continue my blog, enjoy family parties and get togethers and have a well deserved holiday!

-Amy M


Merry Christmas & have a very happy New Year!