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Your Say!

I have know idea what to post at all & I really love having a heap of comments from the general public, so I have decided to let you guys have your say on what I should post next!

I mainly post either art, puzzles or challenges on here but I want a bit of a change so I am leading up to my readers to decide.

Please comment what ideas you would think are great for this blog! I would really appreciate it!

-Amy M

The Creator of the Creative Mind!

~ by Amy M on January 21, 2013 .

4 Responses to “Your Say!”

  1.   Greenhawk Says:

    Maybe you should post recommendations for good books.

    And plus, I like the seasonal backround idea.

    Could you visit my blog?


  2.   Amy M Says:

    Hi Green Hawk,
    Thanks for getting back to me and I’ll look into that idea of posting some reviews of some good books. I’d haven’t seen a blog like yours before. It is very out there and gives many ideas for the readers to work on. Come to think of it, I should post up something on how to make a certain project or creation. Thanks again!
    -Amy M
    The Creator of the Creative Mind

  3.   Michaela Says:

    Hey Amy,
    Your blog is really interesting and I really like it! Here is a link to a website with 50 blogging ideas. http://marthagiffen.com/50-blogging-ideas-readers-happy/ It might help! I like the book review idea. I went to a blog who posted book reviews and on their sidebar they had books they read that year so far. I just started my own blog, so come visit and leave a comment. :)

  4.   Amy M Says:

    Hi Micki!
    Thanks for the link that could help me get my blog up and running for sure! I would love to see your blog but the problem is you didn’t give me a link of any sort to look at it!
    Hope to talk soon..
    -Amy M
    The Creator of the Creative Mind

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