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  1. Hello Amy!
    Sorry, I haven’t commented on here in forever! I’ve been so busy with school, and today is my first day of winter vacation, so yaaay! This is really neat! I’ve checked out Odosketch before, and tried it, but… I have such a hard time with it! >,< Do you use a mouse, or a tablet to draw these? I always have to use a mouse. Anyways, I hope to do some stuff in Photoshop today because I'm bored. Haha And hopefully, I'll post them up today or tomorrow or sometime! XD

  2. Hey Sarah,
    I started our summer vacation last Wednesday and so far it has been great! With Odosketch I just use the mouse pad on my Mac which isn’t that good but works. I am very hopeless at photoshop but I still use it to crop images though but that’s about it. Have fun on your vacation!
    -Amy M

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