I have had many different memories this past year. Many where with family & friends. but most where during school. 

Most of my memories, that are stuck at the back of my head, are from either my immediate family, my friends (Raiven, Selby etc.) and my cousin and his friends (Chris, Aaron etc.) all share somesort of memory with me. 

Most of them are funny, some are quite sad, but many are just full on random. Today we through a party for our teacher Ms Duncan because she is leaving our school to move to England. Just by hanging around Chris and Aaron during the party, I ended up leaving with about 7 different memories. 

During lunch, Raiven and I started playing with the streamers left over from the party. We pretended to become fairies and ballerinas but then soon turned into fighting warriors. (have no idea how that came up but oh well!) It was so fun and will never leave my mind. She also showed me videos from last year till now that she has on her phone. “The good old days” as I call it! They were so much fun to watch.

Another person that creates his own memories every day is a guy named Manase. He is African and just today I heard a story about him trying to turn on a air-con in the Personal Learning Center but he couldn’t. When he turned it on he turned around, spread his arms out, looked up, closed his eyes, stood underneath the air-con and said “Black Magic!” Everyone was laughing their heads off. 

What kinds of funny Memories do you remember? Please share!

-Amy M

Picture: Laughing Child

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