8 thoughts on “My Creative Poems/Sayings

  1. Hi Amy,
    My name is Neha(Nayha) and I live in Colorado! I’ve read through a a lot of you blog posts and they’re very interesting! Personally, my favorite quote is one by Robert Downey jr. (Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes). It’s “Listen, Smile, Agree…. And Then Do Whatever The Heck You Were Gonna Do Anyway.”! I actually changed the original word to heck because he cussed :P!

  2. Hi Neha,
    Thanks for commenting! I like that quote as well. It’s very true the meaning of it and that quote basically shows how my life rolls!
    -Amy M

  3. in your first poem, you wrote “Why waist your life trying to be someone your not” it is “waste” not waist and it’s not your it is you are, so it should be “you’re”

  4. Hi Nicole,
    I see you’re pretty good at your english. Yes the waist is suppose to be waste, but the your is correct as it is talking about something whereas you’re is a synonym for you and are, which does not make sense for the rest of the quote.
    Thanks for noticing and visiting though. It is much appreciated!
    -Amy M
    The Creator of the Creative Mind

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