My Story So Far

Hi everyone!

My blogging life has gone on an all time high with Miss W, the head of the Student Blogging Challenge, nominating me for the best student blogging award! Yay!

So I have decided to tell you my story so far……

For an elective I chose for semester 1, at my high school, I chose IT which is all about computers. Ms Duncan, my teacher, told us that we would work on blogging. I started up my blog but I didn’t know what to call it. My friend Raiven was walking across the room and said to me, ‘are you using your creative mind to think up a good name?’ That then was when I named my blog the Amy M’s Creative Mind!

I made my first post through class about blogging and the safety involved with sharing personal detail etc. but after that I put my creative mind to work through the challenges, my artworks and creations and just some other random things.

I can’t believe how many people have read and commented on my blog! I thank all the people that have read it and commented on how to improve my blog.

One of the biggest hits was my artwork so I have decided to post my favourite artwork so far!

Thanks again Everyone!

-Amy M

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