2 thoughts on “New Series of Drawings

  1. Hello, My name is Cheyenne. I found your blog on the blog nominees on edublogs. You are a great artist I love you pictures you drew. My favorite one is the third one. I can also draw, but the type of pictures I draw is something like a cartoon, my dad taught me how to draw. Have you ever thought of taking art classes. Maybe we can exchange pictures of our drawings? If you visit my blog I might have some of my pictures in a post? Hope to talk to you soon!


  2. Hi Cheyenne
    Thanks for commenting! I have a friend that blogs that draws cartoons. She said it was called manga style drawing I can’t wait to see yours! I always keep my new creations posted. I have made a blog with just my creations called Amy M’s Creative Artwork. Hope to talk more.
    -Amy M

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