Need Help

I really need help getting idea’s for my blog because so far my blog has lost some interest!

Please help me make this blog bigger and better!

2 thoughts on “Need Help

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I have enjoyed reading your blog and find your stories and reflections very interesting.

    My friend is a writer and she always encourages students, when they are stuck for ideas to write about what you know.

    Are they issues that you are discussing in class that you feel are important to share? Are there places around your community that are really interesting and think people would like to learn more about. I have never travelled to Australia and would be interested in learning more about things from a local perspective. Have you found any video clips or images that grab you and are worth sharing? These are just a few ideas I had. Sue also has lots of ideas on the Edublog site if you are stuck for ideas.


  2. Thanks for the help Barb, I might just do something on the different tourist attractions in Australia. It will be a pretty long one where australia has so many!
    -Amy M

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