6 thoughts on “Sayings Week 5

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  2. Hello, Blair here

    That saying is a very true saying so is Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding Said by Albert Einstein. Albert Came up with many sayings about peace war and other things.

    Do you have a favorite saying?

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  3. HEY! Wow your blog is way cool! I love the pictures on the top and the one behind too! Great saying too! You can visit my site too if you want! What is that sound in the background too?! Or is that just me? Cool though! Bye!

  4. Hi Blair,
    Just to put it out there I love the name Blair, its very unique which I love. My middle name is an unique name because its in a different language. My favourite one has to be about trust, which is posted on my blog. Thanks for sharing your saying. I also see you like gaming and fiction. My all time favourite game is Kingdom Hearts. Whats yours?
    -Amy M

  5. Hi Chloë,
    I love how on your blog you talk about what happens during school and around you. If I were to do that, I would talk about mostly my cousin’s because thats what I mainly talk about! I love the formatting of your page too. Its so bright and colourful. And that music in the background is a game that I have embedded in my widgets bar called Bloxorz.
    -Amy M

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