Languages in our Classroom

There are many different languages spoken in our classrooms at school but the main one is English. The school languages taught are Japanese and AUSLAN which is sign language. But our school is very multicultural because there is a wide range of languages spoken from Albanian, Greek, Tonga, Samoan, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, American, Italian, British, Macedonian and more! I speak Albanian and English.

What other languages does your school teach or talk in?

-Amy M

This post idea was from the student blogging challenge.

Image: World flags

4 thoughts on “Languages in our Classroom

  1. Hi my name is Dulaney and I’m from the USA. I think it’s really cool that your school teaches Japanese and sign language. My high school only teaches Spanish and French. I think it would be cool to learn sign language. What languages would you like to learn? If you want you can check out my blog at

  2. Hi Dulaney,
    I would love to learn french and maybe become really fluent in albanian. Your blog is amazing! I might create a bucket list of my own!
    -Amy M

  3. Hi my name’s Haley. I’m from USA. I find it interesting that your school teaches all those languages. At my school district, in the high school, they teach French and Spanish. Do you want to learn any other language that you don’t know? Maybe you could comment back on my blog at

  4. Hi Haley,
    I love your blog and thanks for commenting. I would love to learn french. Our school use to teach it now they teach auslan. Oh well!
    -Amy M

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