Challenge 2: Passions

Hey everyone,
My passion as you can tell by the majority of post’s I’ve made its Art! It runs in the family. My Grandfather was an artist, he drew loins and all other sorts of animals, he was sent to jail back when my mum was only 4 years old for something that his past relative committed. Because his relative didn’t finish he’s sentence he was sent to jail to finish it. The only thing that entertained him was art. According to my mum every time she went and saw him he had painted at least 5 different drawings of animals. He sadly passed away in jail. My mum followed his footsteps and it carried down to me. I have posted many of my creations on my blog but i am now going to post right now all my creations so far:
They are most of my best drawings and paintings. Art is a really big thing in my life. I’ve always loved it. It always helps me when I have troubles or I can’t think up anything for someones birthday! That’s why Art is my Passion.
-Amy M
Challenge from Student Blogging Challenge.

2 thoughts on “Challenge 2: Passions

  1. Dear Amy,
    You really are a wonderful artist! Is art what you plan on doing for your entire life, or do you just draw for fun? Either way, those are some award winning pictures you’ve posted!


  2. Hi Kairav,
    I only draw in my spare time but I do want to pursue a career in architecture or anything design. Thanks for commenting and good luck in the student challenges!
    -Amy M

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