My Latest Sketch

Here is my latest sketch with my friend and I when we were in kinder watching the Houlie Dollies!

By Amy M

10 thoughts on “My Latest Sketch

  1. Hello there Amy!
    Nice sketch! It’s pretty cool, and really matches up with the picture. I have just recently posted a batch of old-ish drawings. I hope to draw something spectacular that I’m proud of, and post it one day… *sigh* I’ll just have to draw it first! XD I like your new avatar too! The way that the background’s colors are dull bring out the brightness in the main avatar piece more. It’s really neat looking. I can’t wait to see more posts from you in the future!

  2. Hi Eric
    The picture I am going to give to my best friend for her birthday so I decided to post it here first to see if anyone liked it and it seems there are some fans.
    -Amy M

  3. Hey Sarah,
    Can’t wait till you show a picture that your really proud of, but by that sigh, it might be a while yet. Thanks for commenting on my avatar. I really appreciate it! XD Love your pictures though, it shows who you are.
    -Amy M

  4. Hi Addison,
    You have a great blog, keep the challenges up your doing great! Yes I do draw a lot. It kind of runs in the family. i have a few more drawing on my blog from ages ago if you look through my whole blog.
    Good luck with the challenge’s your going to be real contender.
    -Amy M

  5. Hola Amy,
    Haha thanks! Yeah it might be awhile since I can never seem to finish anything. I keep getting discouraged by those evil clothing wrinkles! 😛 Hahaha, oh well. I’ll figure them out one day… I can’t wait to see more of your posts!

  6. Hey Sarah,
    I’m having some difficulties with the radio show might be a while because of the file size but ill get that eventually. I am on school holidays at the moment and having a great time! what new post do you have coming out soon?
    -Amy M

  7. Hi again Amy,
    Aaah, file size…at one point my blog wouldn’t allow me to upload anymore pictures (or at least not easily) because ‘I had no more space’ so I deleted a bunch of unnecessary things, but it still said I ran out of memory. >:U it’s sooo annoying…luckily it stopped doing that recently. I hope you can figure something out! And it’s good to hear that you’re having a good time. The only break I have coming up is a Friday off because of a fair that everyone goes to. About posts, I just posted one with a picture I fooled around with in Photoshop. It isn’t much really. I hope to draw a picture of a character of mine wearing a certain dress I found on the internet though. So when I draw that, I’ll probably post it!

  8. Hi Sarah,
    I am going to ask Miss W, the leader of the blogging challenge, to help me with that problem because I am seriously stuck with it! It is a seriously big file. 320MB to be exact! I can’t wait to look at that character you want to create it sounds awesome! I’m just halfway through my holidays now and so far so good. I’ve been traveling around and hanging out with a lot of relatives! The AFL Grandfinal is on right now and so far the team that my uncle does vice coaching in is winning by over 20 points! x crosses fingers x Hope they win!
    -Amy M

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