Challenge 1: How to Cope

Hi Everyone!

Who here has had very stressful situations in their life? Well I have. One way I cope is by listening to these songs:

Forever-Chris Brown for all round worries,

Rest of my Life-Jason Derulo for relationship problems,

The Voice Within-Christina Aguilera for following your dreams,

Battle Scars-Guy Sebastian ft. Lupe Fiasco for sporting worries or other physically challenging things.

They are all really good song’s for different reason’s as I have noted.

Dancing is another great one. You let yourself go with the music and the worries just go away!

what ways do you cope when you have troubles?

-Amy M

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4 thoughts on “Challenge 1: How to Cope

  1. Hi Amy,
    Those songs are great! My favorite is Forever-Chris Brown. Its a good song I have it on Spotify. I listen to it all the time, you should listen to One More Night-Maroon 5, its like my favorite song!(:

  2. Hi Amy,
    My students are participating in the student challenge and they’re posting on their blogs and commenting on others, I thought I would take the time to look at some of the blogs.

    I love all of your emoticons. Makes your blog attention getting right away. Music is always a great coping strategy. Sometimes I take photos because that’s a passion of mine.

    Also, playing tennis relieves a lot of stress. Thanks for your well written blog.

  3. Hi Mrs McGuire,
    I love your blog so far it’s so enjoyable to read. Thanks for commenting on my blog I really appreciate it! I also love to draw pictures. I always post my latest creations on my blog and I can’t wait to post my next one!
    -Amy M

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