Creative Me!

I am Creative in so many way’s! That is one reason why I called my blog Amy M’s Creative Mind! I love all things creative, not just in art.

I love mixing music on this app on the iPod’s iPhone’s and iPad’s called Tap DJ. It’s an amazing app for future DJ’s out there or for just ordinary people like you and me.

Tap DJ






I am also good at story writing especially narrative’s. Here is a short story I wrote for an english assignment:

Unbelievable Love

“OMG! How did them two get together again?” Julie screamed to her best friend Jasmine. “Well you wouldn’t like it Jasmine exclaimed but oh well!” Julie is the most popular girl in school and her ex boyfriend Jack is now going out with the least popular girl in school Megan. At first Jack and Julie were going out. They were the perfect couple until Julie had enough of him and decided to dump him for no reason.

The next week Jack was walking around school and saw Megan. He approached her and as he did he asked for her name. “Uh are you talking to me?” Megan stuttered. “Yes you!” Jack answered. “Megan.” She said in a calm but exited voice as she just realised the look in his eyes. The look of love, from the coolest and hottest guy in her grade! “Uh this might be weird to you but would you go out with me?” Jack said quietly. Megan felt so great at that moment! “Yes!” she yelled in excitement, at the same time she was embarrassed of yelling out the word ‘yes’ like how she did.

“The next day is when I found out about it.” Jasmine told Julie. “Grr! I’m way better than her. That s the most unbelievable love I’ve ever heard.” Julie yelled. “Well you did dump him.” Jasmine said.

I also have a talent of acting. I have entered the school production called Alice based on the book Alice in Wonderland. I am one of the jurors which is one of the mouses writing on the paper in the court or cards if you have ever seen the movie.

I am a great dancer as well. I do freestyle hip hop which is my own moves that I just make up on the spot. Most people that have seen me dance thought I had been to hip hop classes but I’ve never taken a dance class in my life. That’s why I call it freestyle hip hop.

As you may also know I love photo editing! It’s a hobby for me. I love recreating an image into something better than it originally was. here are a few I’ve made in the past:










As you all would know by now that I love art as well. I get it from my grandfather. Here is a collage with all my best creations.

My Creative Art

I am Creative in a lot of way’s.

How are you creative?

Good luck everyone with the blogging challenge please comment on my blog on the way!


-Amy M

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